My internets

I’ve spent quite a few years on the net passively absorbing news articles, youtube videos and meme photos. I wouldn’t characterize myself as a person who was very knowledgeable about  computers or programming. But I kind of feel that I should be, especially given how much time I spent on the internet. I had a lot of time over the last few months and I started reading cyberpunk novels on my Kindle. It seemed appropriate. After burning through Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy I thought ” I should definitely get into programming!” I enrolled in some free Wikiversity “classes” to learn to code. Alas, my under developed attention span faltered. I realized what I really wanted was to play an MMO. Now after much procrastination, I will make a new attempt. This time I will use Code Year. Code Year’s structure is more gradual. You sign up and each week they will send a lesson on programming. 2012 will be the year I learn to code.


One response to “My internets

  1. Thanks for the introductory post. I’m glad you mentioned Code Year project. I’ve noticed several of the ds106 regulars mentioning this.

    I’d certainly be interested in learning such things but don’t see any way to find the time.

    Please let us know of your progress if you choose to follow through on it.

    BTW, have you been able to register your blog on ds106 yet?

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