Neo Tokyo

This is my first DS 106 assignment. I chose it so I could  play with the image editor, Gimp. It was a good experience. It can do just about everything Photoshop can. I took an image of the city from the film Akira and adjusted the contrast and saturation to get the warm effect for the central building. I used the wand tool to remove the sky and layered a rising sun image behind the skyline. In the film, Tokyo was reconstructed as a giant artificial island in the middle of Tokyo bay. Hence the term ” city inside the bay.”



4 responses to “Neo Tokyo

  1. I agree, this looks great. I remember you said in class that it was a time intensive process to work with Gimp for the first time. Hopefully your process will become more streamlined as you gain facility with the software.

    As for ds106 assignment formatting, to get credit you’ll need to include a link back to the original assignment and appropriate tags so that it gets listed in the correct category on the ds106 site.

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