Web 2.0

) For the end user, how is the experience of Web 2.0 different from web 1.0?

Web 2.0 is a term that attempts to make a distinction between two eras of the internet. The Web 1.0, content  was generated solely by corporations and marketers. Webpages and videos were static displays that internet users had limited interaction with.

Users could make webpages but it was complicated and required writing in HTML. The easiest way to participate in this era was in a chat room,on an instant messaging services or online forums. Users could have conversation with friends or people with mutual interests. The people of this era were generally socially akward and had the time to devote energy into doing these things.

2.0 witnessed the move to facilitate and encourage user generated content. The ability to make personalized webpages was streamline in the advent of social media. The proliferation of digital cameras coiniceded with the simplification of uploading photos and videos.

Word of mouth spread and more and more people started using internet media. Computers lost their nerdy stigma and internet literacy and computer use became popular.


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