I Can Read Movies

I did the ds106 assignment “I can read movies” where you create cover art for a book adaptation for a  film you like. One of my favorite movies is the 1995 Japanese animation film “Ghost in the Shell“. It deals with cybernetics, existentialism and some badass robot fights. I think it would make a pretty good novel. As a matter of fact, the film was based on a Japanese comic book.

To make the cover art, I took a photo of a mannequin and, using Gimp, painted it’s shadows dark green. Then I painted the rest a lighter green to make a kind of contrast. This also evokes a kind of early computer screen. I added the Kanji text by copy/pasting it from wikipedia into the text box in Gimp. I wasn’t sure how to add a worn out, sort of used effect like in some of the other “I can read movies” coverart assignments.

I got the image for the mannequin here (NSFW)

4 responses to “I Can Read Movies

  1. I love that you digitally painted over the original mannequin in just the two tones of green (well chosen computer greens), it’s a great image. It would be cool if you considered working with an old bitmap font for the title of the book to complete the retro computer effect.

  2. This is awesome Bryan. The green and black are perfect for the topic of your book.

    I’ve never heard of this film or comic series so I greatly enjoyed reading the wikipedia entry you linked to for Ghost in the Shell. It does look like an amazing and badass story. I’ll have to check it out.

    And I’m with MBS in terms of using an old bitmap font for the title. I wonder if similar fonts can be found to display kanji??

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