Appeal to IBE (Final Practical Activity)

Moscow at Night (NASA, International Space Station, 03/28/12)
Photo: moscow at night by marshall space flight center. creative commons license

I think CIS is an important class. I think most of the student who went through the class had little prior exposure to the positive benefits of the Web. I think CIS should be continued to allow further exposure to future students.

The Internet allows for a level of self-publication and self-distribution unprecedented in the history of mankind. Little over a decade ago,  the printed word was under the exclusive control of corporate conglomerates who had a virtual monopoly over the press, journalism and books. Now, anyone with something to say can establish a web log, create a written article and disseminate it to any where in the world.

free the press
Photo: free the press by voxtheory. creative commons license

Hundreds of people all over the world have read my web log. It was created exclusively for CIS class. I have had people in Hungary, India, the Phillipines, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia and Brazil access and read my posts. And that was just in the last month! How is it possible for an unaccomplished writer like myself to have any kind of international readership?

The only reason for this is due to my attendance to this class and the completion of its requisite assignments. I feel that future students who may not have been shown the tools to achieve universal distribution should have the opportunity to take this class. Thank you.

2 responses to “Appeal to IBE (Final Practical Activity)

  1. Wow, look at all the visitors from around the world. That is a great statement of the global communication possibilities.

    Thanks for your great effort through the entire semester. I expect to hear more from you as you continue your online journeys. Let me know when you settle on a permanent twitter handle so I can follow.

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