First Blog Post of the New Year

Jan 3, 2022,

Just spent 4 hours making that emulator for the old Halo so I can port it to Google Glass 4. The graphical overlay for the aug reality engine was changed to a higher rez.  Then I had to recalibrate the setting, enemy movements were out of place and wouldn’t sync well. I incoporated a traditional handheld controller though, direct hand motion interface doesn’t work well for the old games.

The American moon base was officially dedicated today. Nasa posted its aug reality tour of the facility for G Glass, so I got to enjoy that. It’s a lot bigger than the Chicom base, too bad the Americans were slow to get it there first. I read on bbc news that the Pentagons StratForecast Simulator is predicting that India will launch it’s first manned moon mission this year. Russia has fallen behind recently and isn’t going to get to the moon till 2025, but their 6 piece Manned Orbital Waypoint Constellations are probably the reason there is any one on the moon at all!

Posted my 37th synth music piece on Soundcloud today. Got some good reveiws. Think I’ll make some more before too long. Synth is so much easier with the Miku AI suggestion and tone editor.

Started my online Madarin Chinese lessons today. Got 54 verb usage points. I need to get these certs so I can get that job at the Singapore Space Port I’ve been looking forward to.

Mash Up

This is the “consumer mash up” assignment. You incorporate your favorite product into the logo of the store you purchase it from.

I shop at Aeon. It’s this sort of department store that also sells groceries. They have an imported foods section that sells these frozen Italian pizzas that are the best. Frozen pizza is a must because delivery is too expensive. One pizza from Domino’s in Japan is over 40 dollars. And it’s thinner than what you would get in the states. So a higher end frozen pizza is much preferable.

I took a photo of a crisp cheese pizza and then I incorporated it in to the the logo to make an “O” using the photo editor, Gimp.

I Can Read Movies

I did the ds106 assignment “I can read movies” where you create cover art for a book adaptation for a  film you like. One of my favorite movies is the 1995 Japanese animation film “Ghost in the Shell“. It deals with cybernetics, existentialism and some badass robot fights. I think it would make a pretty good novel. As a matter of fact, the film was based on a Japanese comic book.

To make the cover art, I took a photo of a mannequin and, using Gimp, painted it’s shadows dark green. Then I painted the rest a lighter green to make a kind of contrast. This also evokes a kind of early computer screen. I added the Kanji text by copy/pasting it from wikipedia into the text box in Gimp. I wasn’t sure how to add a worn out, sort of used effect like in some of the other “I can read movies” coverart assignments.

I got the image for the mannequin here (NSFW)

A Whole New World

A large mutated Chihuahua washed up on a beach this morning. A photograph captured the lazy animal in the South Pacific preparing to doze off.  Mutant Chihuahuas continue to plague the region after their release by crazed criminal master mind Dr.Novotny. Local authorities are preparing to remove the animal with dynamite.

This is the ds106 assignment “a whole new world” where you create a picture to make a subject appear either too large or too small. I inserted our pet chihuahua onto a nice beach. I’m not sure if it creates the sense of scale I wanted to communicate. Let me know what you think!

I got the image for the beach here


The sentence I found the most appealing in the Gardner Campbell article was:

“Environments are not passive wrappings but active processes. . . . The ‘message’ of any medium or technology is the change of scale or pace or pattern that it introduces into human affairs.”

This very succinctly summarized what the internet is.  Activity and input are what define it. Simply by its use does the internet change behavior and social patterns. The propagation of a medium shows it true impact, whether that is millions watching TV, millions reading newspapers or millions writing blog post.

For example, Youtube exists based on the input of millions of people around the world. The message really is that millions of people have a tool that enable them to communicate globally.

Game Changer

Allied News-Stream Network

Border War Update

Dallaustin, Texas

Paranoia and desperation are running through the American South. Since the start of hostilities with the Republic of Mexico, tens of thousands of Southerners have been displaced. The refugee situation has worsened in the Mid West and Northern states since the advance of the Mexican Republican army over the Texas border.

US President and former Texas governor George Hernandez  stated in a national address today “Texas is my home and an indispensable part of these United States. The battle is not over and she will not be lost.” He added in his colloquial manner “Y’all don’t mess with Texas.”

The Texas megalopolis of Dallaustin has become the frontlines of the conflict. Hyper sonic bombers and mechanized Army troopers have been strategically redeployed to Dallaustin and other cities in the southern United States for operations against Republican forces.

Since Mexico’s full industrialization and recognition as a first world nation 40 years ago, US intelligence reports indicated that it was mechanizing shock troops in secret to match the technological level achieved by US and Chinese forces. Sightings of power-suited Republican soldiers have been confirmed by US Army Headquaters here in Dallaustin.

New intercepted intelligence suggests that the servo mechanisms used in the Artificial Articulated Limb Reflex Systems (AALRS)  of the Republican suits are copies of the Chinese version. The revelation of the possesion of such advanced robotic technology is startling to US forces as they believed only America and her ally China had been able to develop nano-mechanical bionetic tissues.

With US and Republican conventional forces so evenly matched, the fear of nuclear exchange grows larger. The US and Mexico hold the largest nuclear arsenals in the world.


This is the Wiki Game assignment. You pick two random words that will start and end some sort of written article of your choice. Starting on the first word’s wikipedia page you click on links in the article until you get to your finish word.

I went to, which has a random word generator. It gave me “paranoia” and “mechanical.” Starting on the “paranoia” wiki page, I clicked the link “colloquial.” Then on the “colloquial” page I clicked “y’all” and so on. My words in total were:

paranoia/ colloquial/ y’all/ southern United States/ industrialization/ mechanization/  servo mechanism/ robotics/ mechanical

It was fun to find the words and I thought it would take a long time but it was about ten minutes. Once I had my word collection, I decided to do a kind of war report set in the future.

I was inspired in no small part by George Friedman’s book The Next Hundred Years where he tries to forecast the future.  He bases alot of the premise of the book on how geography determines international relations. He proposes that the North American continent is the center of gravity for world politics because it straddles two oceans. Sea power is required for world power as demonstrated historically by Britain and Rome. So who ever controls North America can control the sea and dominate the world. But will future control reside in Washington DC or Mexico City?


I am writing a blog post about the Rutgers cyber bullying case as reported by CIS class student Alison.

A Rutgers student, Dharun Ravi, set up a webcam in order to spy on his roommate, Tyler Clementi, who was conducting a homosexual relationship in their shared dorm room. He streamed his roommates encounter live on the internet. His roommate committed suicide when he learned he had been exposed.

Upon his roommates suicide, Ravi was arrested and charged with a hate crime. Ravi is seeking a not guilty verdict and rejected a plea deal that would have required 600 hours of community service and anti-bullying counseling.

It’s interesting that had his roommate not killed himself there wouldn’t be much to charge Ravi with. Perhaps Clementi would have been able to sue Ravi for libel or invasion of privacy. He certainly would have had some level of recourse open to him. Did he think there was no way justice could be found in the situation? Or was he simple embarassed to the point of mortification, unable to cope with the exposure and couldn’t continue.

There has been significant social progress for homosexuals and it’s not as stigmatizing to be gay in America as it once was. It may not be easy to be exposed, and clearly Clementi was the victim of a crime, I find it is suprising he found it nesecary to commit suicide.  He may have been able to find the support he needed to continue his life and find acceptance in who he was. It is extremely unfortunate and saddening that he decided to take his own life.

An update on the case against Ravi. He was found guilty of hate crime and invasion of privacy.