Daily Create 1

Warp Core

This is my first Daily Create. Its the sound of the faster than light engine that propels starships. Its one of my favorite sounds. It’s very soothing. I first heard it when the Rigelians of Rigel V abducted me for study. I maintain mental contact with them through an implant in my brain. So for this assignment, I called and said I needed a favor. They beamed me up to their ship and let me record the hum of the theta matrix compositor. They wouldn’t let me take pictures, some kind of prime directive or something. I had some trouble figuring out how to post this Friday night but I called them today and they help me out. They’re great with HTML. tdc 25

Ring Tone

This is the sound I hear when the aliens call me on the implant in my brain. tdc 28

Upside Down

The Merlion of Singapore, not quite right. tdc 29


These are David Clark aviation headphones from my old job. They are the loudest headphones I’ve ever had. Super bass. tdc 27

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