A Whole New World

A large mutated Chihuahua washed up on a beach this morning. A photograph captured the lazy animal in the South Pacific preparing to doze off.  Mutant Chihuahuas continue to plague the region after their release by crazed criminal master mind Dr.Novotny. Local authorities are preparing to remove the animal with dynamite.

This is the ds106 assignment “a whole new world” where you create a picture to make a subject appear either too large or too small. I inserted our pet chihuahua onto a nice beach. I’m not sure if it creates the sense of scale I wanted to communicate. Let me know what you think!

I got the image for the beach here

16 Bit Dreams


I did the Your Dreams Out the Window assignment. I wanted to do something fantastical with pyramids in a jungle on the coast. It came out looking more like a 16bit video game landscape. You got polygons, jaggies and animation sprites. You can almost hear the Mario World music. I’d like to vacation here.

I drew the image in Gimp. I used to lasso tool to make the pyramids. I painted the waterfall river and used airbrush to make the mist. The horizon and the mountain are repeating rectangles. The hardest part was removing the original view from the window frame. I used Pixlr to do that because my Gimp opens in Japanese and I couldn’t figure it out.

I got the frame here and the wall here.

Smicropus: An Album Cover

Smicropus was an alternative alt rock band from suburban Dallas. They formed in the summer of 1991, the greatest summer of 90’s suburban Texas alternative rock ever. Upon completion of their first tri-city east Texas tour they debuted their first record to be like other people.  Their graphic designer was really excited to work on the album cover because he just got a second hand Macintosh II.   Copies of Smicropus’ only album can be found in a box in your Dad’s garage, probably.

This assignment  was to generate an album cover with random bits from different web sites. It called for the selection of a photo from Flickr, but Flickr seemed too restrictive in giving away pictures. It wanted you to ask and receive permission, which I can respect, but I wanted it now. So I cheated and went to a site I peruse once and a while for it’s random oddites  .  I thought the photo was too monochromatic. I added some neon colors in between the black strips using the lasso tool to ring the white and then used the paint brush to fill in the selected area. I also used the border creator to separate the black and white picture from the black background.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random  For the Band Title

http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3    For the Album Title

http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days   For the Album Picture